what is queer kids?

Queer Kids is a series of LGBTQ+ trading cards featuring local LGBTQ people and their stories.

who are the people on the queer kids cards?

These people are you, your friends, your chosen family and your community.

how does it work?

1.Fill out our sign up form. This way we have your location and availability.

2.Keep an eye out for open calls in your city.

3.Fill out a form telling us about you.

4.Be your beautiful self and get photographed.

5.Spread the word! We are working hard on making your digital card.

I want to participate but i am not available when you are photographing in my city. what can i do?

Email us! If we have enough people interested in another date, we might be able to schedule additional times in your city. Otherwise when we return, we will make sure to photograph you.

We do our best to be flexible and work with you!

what kind of organizations are you donating to?

Once we launch the physical cards, a 10% portion of sales will go towards LGBTQ youth programs in the corresponding city of it’s series.

I run a program for lgbtq youth. will you donate to my program?

Drop us an email! Let’s talk, we want to hear all about your programs.


is this only for people who are Lgbtq+?

This project was created to celebrate and highlight the marginalized groups in the LGBTQ+ community, those underrepresented, QPOC. However we hope it can help educate those who might not be familiar with the LGBTQ community.

i want to participate but want to remain anonymous? Is this possible?

Yes! We understand that not everyone is able to or wants to be in the public eye/photographed. Your story is valid and still deserves to be heard. In each pack there will be advice and story cards from those who choose to remain anonymous.

When will you come to my city?

We are trying our best to visit every city as fast as we can. The more people we can get involved the faster we can expand.

Also donate! This helps with the costs of travel and studio rentals.

i got photographed but I don’t see my card on the website or instagram?

Each photo is edited into our designs and complied with your story. Don’t worry we haven’t forgotten about you! We are working as fast as we can and appreciate your patience.

when will the physical cards be available?

The goal is Summer 2019. I know that seems like forever! But we want to make everything perfect for you.

I love what you are doing. How can I help?

Easiest way to help is to donate however there many ways you can help!

Are you a media publication? Let's run an article or video!

Are you an organization? Let's collaborate!

Do you have an event space? Let us use it for a day!

Are you a restaurant? Feed our staff! 

Just a friendly queer who wants to help? Help us rally and spread the word!