Meet Mars

Mars QKC.jpg

How do you identify?

Queer Non Binary

Tell us about yourself: 

Born and raised in Los Angeles, I am a producer/filmmaker. My goal is to elevate underrepresented stories through documentary filmmaking. In my free time you can catch me watching 70s female revenge films, listening to records with my amazing partner, Winter, and hanging out with our two black cats.

Any advice for young queers out there or you would have given your younger self: 

Allow yourself the freedom for how you identify to change. It's ok. Everything in life is constantly evolving, including you.

What is your favorite Pride / Queer memory?

When I was 11, my parents planned a vacation for us in Palm Springs, unknowingly during Dinah Shore weekend. You can imagine their reaction when our hotel room overlooked one of the infamous pool parties. It was the first time in my life I was exposed to women who looked how I wanted to look (though looking back on early 2000s lesbian fashion...maybe not?). Anyway, I felt a kindred energy, and that's when I knew.

What does this community mean to you? 

To me, the LGBTQ community means unconditional love because of our unique understanding of each other's traumas.

Why did you want to be involved in this project? 


Throughout my life, other people's bravery to be openly and honestly themselves lit the way for me to start living authentically. I hope that through Queer Kids, my story can inspire one less person to feel alone.