Meet Falynn Essix

Falynn Essix QKC.jpg

How do you identify?

Lesbian Masculine

Tell us about yourself: 

Serial Entrepreneur, Celebrity wardrobe stylist, closet organizer and Business developer.

Fun fact(s) about you:

I enjoy weekly mountain hiking but still afraid of heights.

Any advice for young queers out there or advice you would have given your younger self: 

You’re only promised to be born & to die. Make sure the dash in between is lived UNAPOLOGETICALLY with lots of love, laughs & hustle.

What is your favorite Pride / Queer memory?

Motor City & Star Statuz Ent. Pride Events.

What does this community mean to you?

I love being apart of a community of Love, Freedom and Power.

Why did you want to be involved in this project?

This project allows the next generation a platform to embrace who they are from the footsteps made before them.