Meet Debin Smith

Debin Smith QKC.jpg

How do you identify?

Gender non-binary, queer, trans masculine

Tell us about yourself:

I'm a high school principal and have been an educator for 41 years! I have been a Planning Committee member and volunteer for Lifeworks' Models of Pride for 26 years and look forward to working with LGBTQ youth in new ways after I retire! I'm a parent and have helped many youth over the years who needed guidance and support! I love our community!

Fun fact(s) about you:

I love to ski and teach persons with disabilities how to ski, especially our veterans. I also love the water, to swim in the ocean, and water ski!

Any advice for young queers out there or advice you would have given your younger self: 

There's always someone who is willing to listen and support you! Find your tribe!

What is your favorite Pride / Queer memory?

My favorite was walking in LA Pride parade the first time as an out teacher!

What does this community mean to you? 

A place to belong; it is my people, where I fit in, am welcomed, and love being here.

Why did you want to be involved in this project? 

Youth need elders to show them they have a full life ahead of them and that they can do anything, be anyone they want! I want to let youth know they are not alone... to find an elder and connect along their journey!