About Queer Kids

Queer Kids is a series* of collectible LGBTQ+ trading cards featuring your very own local Queer community.

Queer Kids sets out to provide better and more representation within the LGBTQ community. Especially focusing on QPOC. This community project was designed to be a resource for queer youth and focuses on giving back. But this project isn't just for those young, it is for everyone both young and old!

While there are many resources online for the youth and our community, by creating a physical object (Queer Kids), where interaction and socialization is encouraged, we hope to create conversations outside of the digital space and bring the narrative about gender, sexuality and our community front and center to everyday lives. Not to mention, what a fun way to learn more about those around you! 

Be sure to share, trade, collect and connect!

Created by Ash Cano | Photos by Jessica Marie.